GOTS certified socks

How are our socks made?


  • The cotton farmers can keep the seeds and freely choose what to grow on their farms
  • The soil is nourished and is therefore sustainable in the long term.
  • Organic cotton is grown alongside food that feeds the farmers.

Better health care for cotton farmers

The cotton industry has also become a major health threat to the people who grow cotton and work on the farms.

On industrial cotton farms:

  • 16% of the world's insecticides and 10% of all pesticides are used in cotton production, poisoning people and the environment
  • 77 million farm workers suffer from pesticide poisoning every year
  • 83% of the manufactured fertilizers used for cultivation end up in nature.

On GOTS-certified farms:

Dangerous pesticides are banned in organic cotton production, making it safer for growers and the environment.

No toxic chemicals and waste

Industrial cotton production has long-lasting negative effects on our environment.

On industrial cotton farms:

  • High energy and water waste
  • Higher amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere
  • High CO2 emissions are one of the main causes of global warming.

On GOTS-certified farms:

  • Less energy and water is used
  • Growing organic cotton produces up to 94% fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cultivation methods bind CO2 in the soil


The GOTS certification also ensures that the harvested cotton is ethically and sustainably produced in further processing.

Strict ethical working conditions

In conventional factories, there are no mandatory controls to ensure production meets ethical standards and complies with anti-slavery and labor laws. Shockingly, many clothing chains and high-end fashion brands have their clothes produced in such factories.

In GOTS-certified factories, all operations are regularly checked and only certified according to strict social criteria, ie no forced labor and no child labor.

No toxic dyes

Most textile mills use toxic dyes and processing substances, including chemicals that are banned in the EU. Greenpeace found that in production areas, local waterways are polluted with dangerous and persistent hormone-damaging chemicals.

What's worse, about 20% of the water these factories use is used to hide their pollution.

With GOTS certification:

  • The use of hazardous chemicals is prohibited,
  • All effluents are treated and their standards are very strict (often to a higher standard than required by law) on the level of toxicity of the chemicals used in production, protecting workers and their water supply.
  • All chemicals must meet strict toxic load and biodegradability rules

on your skin

You probably want to know what difference it makes for you. Let's look at how wearing GOTS-certified clothing benefits you as a consumer.

Tests on most industrially manufactured clothing show traces of toxic dyes that can be absorbed through the skin. These toxic chemicals can cause allergies, skin rashes, and breathing problems. As you can imagine, babies are particularly at risk as they are still growing.

This video shows you in a simple animation what a GOTS supply chain looks like:

If you wear GOTS certified clothing:

You can be assured that the products you buy are made with safe chemicals. Allergen, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues are not allowed in GOTS-certified clothing.

  • The certification covers all stages - from cultivation to fashion
  • GOTS-certified clothing has been tested and approved for safety in production.
  • This means there is a higher level of accountability for regulating what goes into our clothes than most other manufacturers. This means more transparency for you too!

We are proud to offer you 100% GOTS certified cotton socks

At Natural Vibes we are proud that our production chain is GOTS certified and all the raw materials used to make our socks are organic.

The entire production chain is also certified by an independent agency, so you can be sure that your goods are produced according to ethical principles.

Now you can shop knowing that no toxic chemicals have come anywhere near your socks. We bring you premium cotton woven into every pair of Natural Vibes.

Find your new favorite pair of socks right here.

May 25, 2021 — Guillermo Ortega Garcia