Did you know that deforestation is currently one of the biggest problems in our society? In the last century we have lost more than half of the world's forests, permanently changing the natural ecosystems of our planet.

Natural Vibes has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to counteract this destruction and support sustainable reforestation in regions severely affected by poverty and environmental degradation.

For every pair of socks sold, we donate a portion of the purchase price to Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization that supports both environmental and socio-economic processes. Eden Projects has made it its mission to pay fair wages to local people in impoverished regions of the world for the restoration of forest areas.

Why is that important?

The regions where most deforestation occurs are typically very poor and underdeveloped areas. Locals often have few opportunities to feed their families. Circumstances force them to destroy their environment in order to survive, e.g. B. by felling trees for construction purposes, for agriculture, or for the production of fuel and heating material.

While this temporarily solves a problem for the local community, there are long-term consequences for our environment when forests are cut down and not restored. The effects of deforestation are dramatic as it leads to severe flooding, erosion and desertification. The long-term effects of deforestation lead to even worse environmental degradation.

The Eden Projects solution

Eden Projects begins employing local people to plant trees. This gives them a fair and steady income so they can provide for their families. Gradually, afforestation creates healthy forests and the harmful effects of deforestation decrease.

The image below describes in simple terms how employing local people to reforest forests has a lasting impact on the environment, wildlife and social issues:

Eden Projects Reforestation Solution

To learn more about the work of Eden Project Reforestation and to see which countries they are active in, click here.

Nice on your feet, kind to the environment

At Natural Vibes we believe that fashion can combine the best of both worlds: beautiful, fashionable design combined with sustainable production and sourcing. This conviction runs through all areas of our company, from production to processing and sales.

With every purchase of Natural Vibes socks, you too show your support for sustainable fashion and contribute to a better future. At the same time you will feel good in our super comfortable socks made of organic cotton - and look cool.

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March 01, 2021 — Guillermo Ortega Garcia